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The company was founded in 1992

and since the beginning of its existence it has focused on surface treatment. Gradually the company has become a purely family business. Since the foundation the company has specialized into its present form, and at present it is active in three basic fields:

ikona šmouha  1. industrial coating
ikona šmouha  2. sale and service of spraying equipment

The idea of made-to-order coating

came up in 1995 when many small companies realized that it is the quality of surface treatment which sells a product. We started with painting and staining of wood products for minor craftsmen. Gradually we extended our coating activities also to minor metal products and then particularly to plastics.

In response to continually growing demands we have built another workplace with a conveyor and flexible technology. Since then we have focused also on coating of medium-sized series.

Our main advantage is our great variability, we are able to respond to customer’s demands immediately and possibly to adjust the production even several times during a shift. Our professional approach and guaranteed quality have made us a known supplier to large international companies like Shimano, Alcatel and others.

Providing services to lacquerers and painters

goes hand in hand with sales and repair service of spray coating technology. We have extensive experience in this field and provide authorized repair service and sale of spraying equipment not only to minor craftsmen but also to large companies. We provide warranty and post-warranty service of equipment from companies Wagner, EST, Graco and Colorexpert Štorch (Airless, Titan), in particular of:

ikona šmouha  electric membrane and piston pumps,
ikona šmouha  pneumatic membrane and piston pumps,
ikona šmouha  spray guns,
ikona šmouha  electrostatic equipment,

which are used both in industry and in hobby activities. We offer all components and accessories for spray coating technology. Equipment is also available for renting.

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We prefer the individual approach to every engagement


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