Spraying technology

We provide warranty and post-warranty service of equipment from companies Wagner, EST, Graco a Colorexpert Štorch (Airless, Titan), in particular:

   electric membrane and piston pumps,
   pneumatic membrane and piston pumps,
   spray guns,
   electrostatic equipment,

used both in industry and as a hobby. We offer all components and accessories for spray coating technology.

The following equipment is available for renting:

Pressure reservoir TZ10 + spray gun

A pressure reservoir with an integrated agitator for transferring the coating material to the applying equipment, for example to the spray gun. The advantages include even loading of the applied material and a lower idle time during filling.

Technical parameters:
Maximum working pressure: 4.5 bar
Total volume: 9.9 dm3
Maximum temperature of the environment: 0–/+40°C
Weight: 9.4 kg

Pneumatic piston pump Wagner PUMA 2840

Technical parameters:
Compression ratio: 28:1
Flow per DS* 40 ccm
Flow per 60 DS* 2.4 l/min.
Maximum flow: 18 l/min.
Maximum working pressure: 224 bar
Maximum input pressure: 8 bar
Air consumption per DS* at 6 bar: 5.3 nl
Noise at input pressure of 6 bar: 74 db(A)
Maximum size of nozzle: 0.019"

Electric membrane pump Wagner SF 31

Technical parameters:
Motor rating: 1.7 kW
Weight: 43kg
Maximum working pressure: 250 bar
Maximum flow: 3.5 l/min
Maximum nozzle size: 0.031"

We also rent a portable piston compressor.

We prefer the individual approach to every engagement

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